pydantic-xml extension#

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pydantic-xml is a pydantic extension providing model fields xml binding and xml serialization / deserialization. It is closely integrated with pydantic which means it supports most of its features.


  • pydantic v1 / v2 support

  • flexable attributes, elements and text binding

  • python collection types support (Dict, TypedDict, List, Set, Tuple, …)

  • Union type support

  • pydantic generic models support

  • pydantic computed fields support

  • lxml xml parser support

  • xml.etree.ElementTree standard library xml parser support

What is not supported?#

Getting started#

The following model fields binding:

class Product(BaseXmlModel):
    status: Literal['running', 'development'] = attr()  # extracted from the 'status' attribute
    launched: Optional[int] = attr(default=None)  # extracted from the 'launched' attribute
    title: str  # extracted from the element text

class Company(BaseXmlModel):
    trade_name: str = attr(name='trade-name')  # extracted from the 'trade-name' attribute
    website: HttpUrl = element()  # extracted from the 'website' element text
    products: List[Product] = element(tag='product', default=[])  # extracted from the 'Company' element's children

defines the XML document:

<Company trade-name="SpaceX">
    <product status="running" launched="2013">Several launch vehicles</product>
    <product status="running" launched="2019">Starlink</product>
    <product status="development">Starship</product>

See documentation for more details.

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