Initialize the development environment installing dev dependencies:

$ poetry install --no-root

Code style#

After any code changes made make sure that the code style is followed. To control that automatically install pre-commit hooks:

$ pre-commit install

They will be checking your changes for the coding conventions used in the project before any commit.

Pull Requests#

The library supports both pydantic versions: v1 (legacy) and v2 (latest). Since version 1 is outdated only bugfixes and security fixes will be accepted. New features should be targeted to version 2.

Version 1#

To make a PR to version 1 checkout branch v1 and create a new branch implementing your changes.

Version 2#

To contribute to version 2 checkout branch dev, create a feature branch and make a pull request setting dev as a target.


If you’ve made any changes to the documentation, make sure it builds successfully. To build the documentation follow the instructions:

  • Install documentation generation dependencies:

$ poetry install -E docs
  • Build the documentation:

$ cd docs
$ make html